Monday Morning Motivation staying in listening to St Jude

I’m writing this from my bed, you know there really is a lot you can get done here! I’m listening to the winds of St Jude the storm that hit us in the early hours of this morning crash into my house and up the side it sounds amazing and whilst I know the damage in some areas I’m embracing what it is giving me.

Because I’m not a fan of the cold, and I don’t fancy being swept away me and Finley are spending the first official day of half term indoors we will read, draw, play games and have fun and we may even make some more treats in the kitchen! I of course will also manage to squeeze in some work I have blogs to catch up on, some bits to promote for Sweet Cheeks Beauty and some flyers to order.

But for now some wind inspired inspiration to get your week off to a storming start …

Photo courtesy of threadneck. Thank you.

I hope you have an amazing week do keep me posted on all you’re up to



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