Family Funday Sunday, Pickin’ Pumpkins ready for Halloween

This week Finley has been amazing at guilt tripping me every time I have gone to work, (despite the fact i made the parent teacher meeting, we have had cuddles every morning, read every night and i have taken him and watched all his after school clubs!) so to have a day like today where the only focus has been having fun with my two boys is amazing and reminds him why Mummy works so hard!

After a breakfast prepared by my gorgeous man whilst I got the lil dude ready we set off 15 minutes away to Beluncle Farm to go pick our own Pumpkins.

I have to say the whole process from start to finish was such a laugh and so much fun best explained by pictures …

Wheelbarrows at the ready we set off picking a whole range of pumpkins … And there was me thinking you could only get your standard orange ones.




There was such a variety we had lots of laughs looking at all the different types and all nearly slipping over in the mud (it rained lots last night!)




Finley played on the “Pumpkin Shys” and knocked 3 out of 5 off! He loved that!

And he liked posing for a picture on the hay bales and with the giant pumpkins



Once we got home we carved the pumpkins me and Finley used two together to create this

And we made Pumpkin cake …ill update on this later.

Dan created this which I love and caused a serious concentration face


More to follow we have little ones still to carve 🙂 and cake to eat!


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