Finley’s Homework … Meet Zog the Alien

So this weekend we got the recycling bag emptied the craft & paints out and this is what me and my gorgeous little boy created meet Zog our alien from planet Frosticle we had so much fun making him.


Then this morning (because 1.We are last minute and 2. He concentrates more in the morning) Finley was meant to write a couple of lines and pointers to give details to his class about Zog, instead though whilst we were laying in bed having our cuddles as we do every morning at about 6am Finley and I (mainly Finley) came up with a poem (that he has created a tune to and turned into a song!) so I thought I would share with you all. Feel free to leave comments and feedback ill be sure to pass them on to the creative little dude.


Aliens are funny,
Aliens are kind,
They get up to mischief all of the time.

This ones called zog,
He scared my dog,
When he landed in his spaceship in the fog.

He came into my bedroom and woke me up,
We played with my toys,
And then tidied them up.

He comes from planet frosticle,
Where its snows blue snow,
His the best alien I ever will know!

By Finley age 6!
(Tiny tiny bit of help from mummy)

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