Day Trip to Dungeness

I’m trying to have new days out to different places that aren’t packed and don’t cost the earth. It’s the summer holidays we need a balance and so my mum made up a hugely delicious picnic and off we went to Dungeness for the day just to see what we could find down there and as somewhere new to investigate. The sun was shining the car was packed and after a 50 minute journey we arrived.

We began buy heading straight to the lighthouse on the way there are lots of lovely little shack studios of art and photography. Finley was amazed by this masterpiece of leftover beach items outside a beautiful art shop, it must have took some years to build up.

My grandad always inspired us to at least try and attempt those funny location photographs, although trying to instruct Finley on hold to hold a lighthouse was quite impossible 🙂

We paid the ÂŁ9.50 entry for 2 adults and a child and proceeded to climb the169 steps to the top of the lighthouse. On the way up there was loads of facts about the lighthouse and maps of hundreds of shipwrecks that ha happened along the coastline, there was a keepers book and all the information on how they recorded the seas, weather and such. As geeky as it sounds that kinda stuff fascinates me and I like to tell Finley about where we are, I like that everyday is a new opportunity to teach him new stuff.


Once at the top the light itself was huge and the views across some of the coastline were just beautiful, plus looking out across the sea at all the boats and the little hits scattered closely along the shoreline, plus the smiles captured of me mum and Finley.




After a steep decent down the 169 steps we went back to the car got our picnic and walked to the pebbled beach, it was a sunny and glorious day perfect for stone throwing in the water, a yummy picnic and some special time just to take time out with 2 very special people who make me smile lots. We stayed on the beach all afternoon Finley paddled in the water throwing stones, watched some rather unsuccessful fishermen, went for a walk along the beach with nanny and collected lots of bits he wants to stock in his summer journal 🙂







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