The Sweet Cheeks Beauty Room

Just writing the title to this post made me smile because of all the time and effort I put in to making that dream a reality, my beautiful company Sweet Cheeks Beauty now has its very own beauty room and I couldn’t be happier.


So when I decided to write about it I was wondering what avenue to go down and then I decided I wanted the first one to be one that would inspire others, because whilst I am so happy to have achieved this now, it’s taken a long time, a lot of dreaming and at so many times failures and moments I thought I should give up.

I have been in the beauty industry for ten years and I wanted this a lot sooner than I achieved it, I’m impulsive and if I put in the work today I kind of expect to see the results tomorrow and it took me a while to realise this didn’t happen. So what was the change? What was the shift for me that made me start seeing some amazing results? If I’m honest it was mainly my attitude.

I sat down and I looked at my faults and the things I didn’t like about myself;
-procrastinate, a lot, like way too much deadlines were the starting line for me when it came to the need to do jobs!

-compare myself to others & being a green eyed bitch, seeing others gain success made me feel like a failure and I was so horrible and bitter for their triumphs

-multitasking – no not in the good way, I mean multi tasking projects and not keeping my eye on one ball at a time

-emotions – I am a highly emotionally strung person and sometimes this gets in the way for business for me, because I want everyone to like me. That in itself is a humongous task and whilst I don’t like the word impossible that comes pretty close.

-people pleasing constantly meant a lot of my time was spent agreeing to help and please others and being so disappointed when they weren’t supporting me and my business in some of the simplest ways, I felt this as a personal rejection when the likely hood was they either didn’t want to or were too busy with their own projects or just weren’t as easily pushed over as I was

-constantly thinking I wasn’t already successful, doing well or surrounded by lots of abundance and blessings

I then thought how I can change them and the person I wanted to be;
-stopping procrastination – I now have clear weekly and monthly goals I’m not perfect I still leave things to last minute occasionally but I have more focus and a bit more of a schedule for different things (also this week I’m setting up accountability for my job list with another entrepreneurial friend we are meeting monthly and speaking weekly to motivate each other and get the jobs done!)

-stop being a mega bitch – I of all people know how hard the journey can be so why did i presume others had just leapt to success and not had their own journey? I now celebrate others success, I find ways they inspire me, I learn from their stories and I support their goals its much better being on that side of the fence rather than a lonely monster wallowing in self pity and jealousy 🙂

-multi tasking – I still have the urge to do it all I’m a workaholic but whilst I may add an idea to my dream board I don’t have to do it all now it means there is less pressure and my work is better I pay even more attention to detail (I just have to get it started pretty soon on one of my monthly targets)

-emotions – I feel them I take full accountability for them but I don’t let them decide who I am going to be or how my day or week is going to feel. I also have to understand that my bubbly, enthusiastic, energetic behaviour, my fast talking and constant happy thoughts and smiles do get on some people’s nerves and not everyone is going to like me, that’s ok too not everyone is meant to like me it toughens my skin and also makes me understand other people’s personalities and behaviour. As well as teaching me the way I am towards others and how my behaviour may effect their emotions and make them feel.

-people pleasing for this I read a book, a New York Times best seller called The Disease To Please. I had enough of trying to keep everyone happy and the minute I couldn’t say “yes” being made to feel guilty when the fact is I give so much, so I saw this book recommended and have shared it with lots of others since it was attitude changing it opened my eyes


-changing my attitude I now meditate most days, I take photos, i write poetry, I take in the moments I love and smile, I write in my gratitude jar normally about 20 things a day (that’s a lot of blessings), i share happiness with others, i find ways to pay it forward and I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong bad things happen but what can I do about it throw myself a pity party or think “how do I deal with this shit?”

And as silly as it sounds once I faced up to all the above I kind of felt like I knew where I needed to go, I’m not saying it was easy it took me years to face up to the things I didn’t want to blame on myself, I wanted to find other excuses now I know there is no need for excuses because that’s just lying to myself and delaying me finding the true answers and making the changes I need to make. These shifts haven’t just got me to the beauty room but they have made me appreciate and love all the finer things in life and watching all of that grow around me.

I’m going to share another post later on the actual opening and setting up of the beauty room ill share some pics of me decorating, moving stock in and just what a beautiful tranquil place my Sweet Cheeks Beauty room is 😉




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