I’m in stitches laughing at Candidily Nicole Richie

Ok so I admit, I may still have the complete series of the simple life and occasionally I may still watch it! (Ssshhhhh it really make mes smile and want to go shopping!)


So when I got my weekly twitter email (that I never open) and Nicole Richies name showed up, I was curious what this dazzling sexy Mumma was up to, and I got to watch the first of a 20 part series Nicole is doing for AOL called #CANDIDILY NICOLE. This week is about getting tramp stamps (for us in the uk – the shit tattoo you never should have got) removed. Im not sure if its her interaction with those around her or just her fabulous dry straight faced sense of humour that makes some people squirm, but I can’t wait to see the next 19 episodes, I saw a sneak peek on her twitter the next one looks HILARIOUS!

Watch it here



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